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Shish Kabob Grill

Whoever said this was the best hummus in town….WAS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!  Wow!  Great food, good prices, delish Moroccan mint tea!  Ok so it’s a little bit of a dive, but in a good way!  I went here after seeing the parade of lights downtown and it was just the thing I needed to comfort my starving belly!  The staff is pleasant and of course it’s all in the family.  You don’t even need a website to be able to pick up on that.  But hands down if you’re a hummus conesuer, GO HERE!  Oh and grab some to go!  Yes you can do that too!  Mmmmm!!  Can’t wait to go again.

Charlie Browns Piano Bar

You will find in my posts that the name Stephanie comes up a lot, she lives downtown and is showing me so many cool new places!  I feel like I have my own private tour guide!!  So second date we went to Charlie Browns Piano Bar.  Such a great local pub vibe, I loved this place!  Dark, casual, friendly and you can’t beat a piano man in the corner with strangers practically piled on top of him singing and sloshing ale around!  If you’re looking for that Cheers kinda vibe, this one might fit the bill!

City o’ City

Went here on December 1st for a first date with Stephanie!  Wednesday night and the place is hopping!  It’s located in the heart of Capitol Hill and has a great energy!  The food is amazing, had a veggie/hummus plate, drinks and wonderful conversation.  Be prepared to talk loud though, this place really gets chatty and to keep up conversation you’ll want to sit close and speak up!  

Stephanie told me a little bit about this place, apparently they are part of a catering company called Watercourse foods (more details on their website).  She also noted it to be somewhat of a lesbo bar scene though there was a good mix of say 25-35 year olds chatting it up.  Inside it’s dark and artsy…in fact I had a rather interesting experience in the bathroom that is littered with personal grafitti, kinda makes me want to hang out and sign my name all over the walls…BRING YOUR MARKER!!  Would love to go back anytime!

Double Daughters

Quite possibly my favorite bar in Denver.  How can you go wrong with a goth bar that serves up drinks called “5 Fingered Kitten” ;-)  The ambiance, dark and calming, certainly THE goth bar of Denver.  There is a dance area in the back which I didn’t get a chance to check out because I was with some pretty preppy friends, but give me a night on the town and this is a place I’d like to return to!  Another really cool thing about this place is that it’s directly attached to Marios which serves up great by-the-slice, New York style pizza!  So grab some grub, then unwind in your Tim Burton style garb and gowns and make a night of it.  Only one warning, the drinks at Double Daughters are expensive.  This is a sit down and sip your $8.25 martini kind of place.  But since most goths enjoy that sort of pondering over fancy drinks lifestyle, it’s to be expected that you won’t be getting sloshed here after a hockey game.

Cafe Paprika

I literally drove by this place for years until I finally stopped by with my good friend Kristy!  After an afternoon of eating falafel at the Taste of Denver, I got a major craving to find more falafel!  So I finally got the courage up to just go in and try this place out!  The atmosphere was so cozy and local that you feel like family almost immediately.  You forgot you were in a strip mall.  The food was good, with the highlight being the hummus plate and Moroccan mint tea.  The falafel was a bit dry, but still good.  I recommend this to anyone who’s in aurora, co and craving Mediterranean food.  However, if you have to drive more than 10 minutes, there are better places in town.  

Details Boutique

Always excited when I get to check out a new shop in the downtown Littlton historic district!  This one, details, did not dissapoint!  In fact, I wish I had more time to look around there.  I was meeting a friend for dinner and this was where we met up.  Lots of great gifts and girly things to look at, smell, touch…very high sensory shop!  Downside is that the prices are of course boutique prices, not good for the budget shopper like myself.  But if you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind with a vintage sort of feel, this is a great shop!

Kolacny Music

This was my first violin shop experience in Denver.  It’s located on Broadway and is fairly easy to spot when you’re driving by.  Von’s Violin shop is a few blocks away tucked back into the side streets. My first visit here was really fun.  It had been a while since I was in a music shop and the ambiance of the place definitely gets you inspired!  The old instruments hanging up, lessons going on in the background and cellos sitting back by the register.  An old building with class and charm…wood floors…just a really authentic shop.  The second visit was a bit less charming when the guy at the counter offered little assistance at setting me up on a rental instrument.  Still, worth checking out and frequenting for everyday supplies.  

Von’s Violin Shop

Wasn’t too sure about this place when I first drove up.  It’s on a cute little street across from a teashop (another place I need to check out!) and when I approached the place a guy was outside painting the front door sign.  Was this Von, I thought to myself.  I went inside and saw that the shop was upstairs.  A very quaint spot indeed!  When I got up to the door and walked inside there was this tiny little violin shop nestled away.  There are vintage instruments hanging up and placed around the place, and a rather large space behind the counter for violin repairs.  It looks as though much of their business probably comes from nearby DU students and mainly through repair services.  The prices were decent, a little higher than the web, but if you’re looking to support your local shops and services, this is a good option for the violinist in Denver.

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